Sciencism 2013/07/01

2013-07-01 show cover smallThis week in Sciencism; Mars Had Oxygen Rich Atmosphere; Cancer Metastasis; Quantum Tunnelling Explains Alcohol Reactions; Immune System May Have a Coral Origin; European Planet Hunter Off-line.

02 July 1698 – The First Steam Engine

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Sciencism 2013/03/18

This week on Sciencism host Ross Balch is joined by, Andrew Stephenson, Dan Abrahmsen and Natalie McKirdy to discuss; the most recent mars rover findings, early 4 winged birds, obese mothers and the risk of disease in the foetus, the “confirmation” of the Higgs, earthquakes precipitate gold, development of the wallaby, HeLa cells have their genome sequenced, is the kilogram loosing weight. And we critically analyse if a meteorite carried life to the planet earth. Dan tells us about last week in the past.

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