Sciencism 2013/07/08

This week; Moths Ultra Sound; Lake Vostok Life; Spider Web Charge; Snails Jump to Avoid Predators; HIV Cured by Transplant; Radio Signals from Outside Milkyway; The Portrayal of Science in the Media; Science Question; Last Week In The Past.

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Sciencism 2013/03/31

In this weeks episode of Sciencism;

Science News – What came first, the head or the brain? New SNPs found for cancer, the moon and asteroids share history, sweet potato baby formular and a microbe with 7 sexes.

Science Quiz – Which physical phenomena explains the emission of electrons from matter when they absorb light energy? And who won the nobel prize for the discovery of the law describing this?

Science Issues – Human genome 99% patented and retraction of the HeLa cells genome.

Science or Fiction – Scientists engineer bacteria to use caffeine as energy source, Study find that fungi sequester more arbon than plant matter in boreal forests, Fire activity in the amazon can be predicted using satelite images to detect the colour of leaves.

Last week in the past – Eiffel Tower opens, first successful tornado forecast, Mariner 10 observes Mercury, First Sea Plane Flight.

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