Sciencism 2013/07/01

2013-07-01 show cover smallThis week in Sciencism; Mars Had Oxygen Rich Atmosphere; Cancer Metastasis; Quantum Tunnelling Explains Alcohol Reactions; Immune System May Have a Coral Origin; European Planet Hunter Off-line.

02 July 1698 – The First Steam Engine

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Sciencism 2013/03/10

This week in Sciencism we talk about; Latest Climate Change Analysis, Greening the desert / reverse climate change, Fauna news, wolf and rhino, camel, Milky Way Bubbles to solve Dark Matter? Russians find new bacteria, and then don’t, Scientists uncover invisible motion in video, Fly Wings of Death. Science Feature – Women in Science. Science Issue – Cancer research, money well spent? Science or Fiction – Arthropod Edition; Dustmites demonstrate reversible evolution, Honey bees able to produce caffeine to provide erformance boost, Female butterflies can smell an inbred male Q: Which historic event happened aboard a Soviet space craft in June 1963? Last week in the past.

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