The Sciencism podcast is a weekly panel show in which the Sciencism team report and discuss the latest science news and issues. The show also features educational content such as science history and critical thinking games.

The podcast is recorded every Sunday and is published on a Monday.

Sciencism Segments:

Science News – The team report and discuss the latest in science news and issues.

Last Week in the Past – Events from the past week in history are described.

Quick Science – A quick synopsis on a particular science topic is described.

Science or Fiction – The team participate in a quiz in which they must determine which 2 items are genuine science news and which one is fiction.

Listener Quiz – The audience has a chance to send in the answers to the weekly science question.

Psuedoscience – The team use critical analysis to distinguish the science from the pseudoscience.

Interview – Scientists are interviewed about their latest research.

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