Sciencism 2013/05/20

This week in Sciencism; Embroyonic stem cells created from host skin cells, 97% consensus on antropogenic climate change, Kepler malfunction may end it’s mission, the Moon impact detected, agriculture more than 5000 years old in china, therapod dinosaurs share the parenting responsibility and billion year old water discovered. Plus the science quiz and last week in the past.

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Science News

  • Stem Cells

  • Climate Change

  • Kepler Spacecraft

  • Bright Explosion on the Moon

Science Quiz

Q – Which microorganism is widely credited as being the most resistant to radiation?

A – Deinoccoccus radiodurans

Q – Which area of chemistry studies the rate of catalysed reactions?

Last Week in the Past

19 May

1743 – French physicist Jean-Pierre Christin published the design of a mercury thermometer with the centigrade scale where zero represents the freezing point of water and 100 its boiling point.

18 May

1953 – Jackie Cochran becomes the first woman to break the sound barrier.

17 May

1902 – Greek archaeologist Valerios Stais discovers the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient mechanical analog computer.

May 16

1960 – Theodore Maiman operates the first optical laser (a ruby laser), at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California.

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