Sciencism Announcement 08/02/2013

Hey folks! Ross the producer of Sciencism here. There is less than a week to go until the return of Sciencism and I could not be more excited. I have big plans for the show this year including more interviews, more co-hosts, more educational content and more video content to extend our reach to audiences like YouTube and Vimeo. All of this content will remain completely 100% free because here at Sciencism we believe that educational content should be available to everyone.

Many of you may also be pining for more skeptical content, the Critical Eye podcast however never took off like Sciencism did. The fact is that I am a full time student who has to study, work and I am also a keen musician. Clearly this only leaves me with a certain amount of time. Science is my main passion and I would like to produce great science content rather than average skeptic content and average science content. There are already a host of great Skeptic podcasts available, as such I will not be continuing the Critical Eye podcast at this time, however I am exploring other avenues for the show, never say never.

If you are after some great Skeptic podcasts I cannot recommend the following podcasts highly enough.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe – A great panel show featuring science and skeptic news, interviews and other cool segments, this podcast was the inspiration for my own podcasting adventures.

Skeptoid – This show was the inspiration for my “Under the Microscope” episode, each week Brian Dunning examines in detail a single topic, whether it be Homeopathy, “Natural” Food, The Loch Ness Monster, you name it Brian has covered it.

Other Skeptic podcasts of note include – The Skeptic Zone, by the Australian Skeptics, Skeptics with a K, by the Mersey side Skeptics, The Virtual Skeptics, featuring Sharon from Doubtful News amongst many others.


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